Welcome to The Vegetablog!


Hello & welcome to the official home of the Vegetablog! The place where I share recipes I’ve tried out at home to *hopefully* inspire you to create meals you’ll love with ingredients growing right here in the mountains of Western North Carolina. My goal is to help keep you up to speed with what’s in season so you can head to the Farmers’ Market with a recipe plan, and also to share a little bit about what it’s like to grow these delicious veggies. Above the recipes, I write about what it’s like to grow the ‘main ingredient', the one that served as the inspiration for the dish. Fear not, the growing info won’t be too wildly detailed, it will just shine a light on the effort involved to get from seed to plate. Everything seems a bit lovelier when you hear about the planning, time & energy it takes to get to you, wouldn’t you say?

All of the recipes will be plant based, because that’s my diet and what I enjoy eating most. Full disclosure, cooking once daunted me. Especially if I had to prepare a meal for other people. Following creative, inspiring recipes provided the motivational push I needed to delve into the world of cooking for fun. Something that used to seriously stress me out became a joy! Sharing recipes here feels like a natural evolution, one that I hope helps bring you tasty food, confidence in your cooking & connection with the family and friends with whom you share it.

It won’t take you long to notice, if you hadn’t already… I’m not a chef, I put my energy into being a market gardener first and a home cook second, so you’ll see that the recipes are not created by me. I hope to one day be that talented, but there’s a lot of learning to do before I get to there! So, until I level up, this is a collection of recipes created by others that I’ve made at home & want to share with you. Each recipe will be linked to the original source from whence I found it, so please check those out to find more inspiration from the cooks/chefs/authors. If you want to tweak the recipes and make them your own (as I sometimes do), I highly encourage it! In fact, when you do, please share those details in the comments below.

#vegetablog your photos so we can check share this home cooking journey together!