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Our Values

  • We don’t use any manufactured chemicals... that’s right, none. Even the ones that are organically certified.

  • We grow the old fashioned way, you know, in the soil. It is our understanding that the soil and sun add essential nutrients and minerals that we just don’t want to grow our crops (or ourselves) without.

  • No animal byproducts are used in the market garden. No emulsified fish, blood/bone or feather meal will ever be spread on the soils or doused on the crops.

  • We start every crop from organic seed stock because supporting organics matters to us.

  • Supplements include a plant based soil mix made on site and a plant based compost tea. Wanna know the specific ingredients? Just ask! 

  • Produce is picked at peak freshness, carefully washed and delivered to a location near you for convenient pick up! 

  • We do not rely on volunteer help or apprentices. Until we can pay a living wage, we complete all farm work ourselves.

  • Support us by joining The Food Club, then sit back, relax and receive a “classic” farmer selected share of produce each week for twenty weeks; or take a more hands on approach and select the “custom” option to pick exactly which items you want to receive. The choice is yours!